The MetaTrader 4 Quick Mastery Video Training Series

quick mastery video training

MetaTrader 4 Video + Forex Correlation Trading

If you’re new to Forex and still a bit uncertain about all the various “hidden” aspects of the MetaTrader software, you will find this comprehensive hands-on video training series extremely useful.  After watching just a few short lessons you will possess a total understanding of how to use the many powerful analytical features of MT4 quickly and effortlessly and get your trading career operating at full power.

The Quick Mastery Video Series includes 21 videos with a total training time of over 5 hours, plus a 56 page e-workbook.  But it’s more than just a software tutorial: there’s a 6 part live example of a position trade monitored over several days, PLUS an eye-opening discussion of a fascinating trading strategy called correlation trading — which is not widely understood even by many experienced traders.  Here’s a summary of the video contents:

Videos 1-11: Menu-by-menu Software Orientation and Training
Videos 12-18: Live Multi-day Forex Trading Demonstration
Videos 19-21: Auto-trading Robots and Correlation Trading Strategy

More Program Highlights:

Downloading MetaTrader and Quick Start Tutorial

Template and Profile Basics

Indicators, File, Views, Insert, Charts, Tools, Menu and Windows Tutorials

An Introduction to Risk Control and Money Management

Multi-day Live Position Trading Example, Parts 1 – 6

Understanding How to Read Support and Resistance Levels

Installing Custom Indicators and Expert Advisors

Correlation Trading Secrets

correlation tradingThis last video on correlation trading is very interesting as I mentioned: here you will learn a surprising fact about the Forex markets that very few traders even know exists: the way in which different currency pairs — for example the EUR/USD and USD/CHF — form mirror images of one another with their price charts.   There exists a striking correlation between different pairs of currencies that you would think would be unrelated.

You’ll see how to use this knowledge to offset your risk by carefully opening both BUY or SELL positions in two correlated currencies at the same time.  By doing this you essentially create what’s known as a synthetic security which allows you to partially hedge one position against the other, and thus control your risk much more tightly and improve your profit potential on every trade.
Forex quick start blueprint
Included with the 21-part video series is the “Forex Quick Start Blueprint” e-workbook. It will show you how to trade the currency market beginning as a small-time “hobbyist” speculator, and then build steadily upward from there.  Loads of trading charts and illustrations for complete hands-on training.

The MetaTrader 4 Quick Mastery Video Training Series is truly a bargain at only $19.95. Read the entire program synopsis here


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